Quality Voice/Data Cabling Services
Cabling is the first step for your company to be networked (in a wired environment). A cabling system using a standards-based structure should be capable of supporting network applications for 10-15 years. However, in recent years, company budgets have been cut creating pressure to also cut back on a proper infrastructure. This only forces an inevitable scenario of "pay now or pay later". Taking the "pay later" approach will result in consequences such as shorter cabling life cycles and additional costs of ownership. This additional costs will be due to re-cabling of problem channels, additional troubleshooting, administration and the additional higher cost electronics required to help boosts the lower performing cabling.

It doesn't pay to take a frugal approach or use old design practices and technology. The plan should provide a careful design with necessary investment in new technology to meet your future requirements.

Consultation is a very important part of the offering that is included. Recommendations are made for your short and long-term needs with respect to integration of services and/or systems utilizing the current and upcoming technology. All cables are inspected and tested to ensure that they are correctly terminated and working properly. A proposal is prepared assessing your needs by outlining the cost breakdown for each project.

Whether it's a department that requires telephone service or an entire computer network that must be installed, we want to be your cabling expert rather than just a vendor!